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Stronger together - Kathaluwa Gardiye Punchi Hewa family Society

Our Family

The history of Gardiye Punchihewas date back to over 400 years. According to the legend, six brothers from the Punchihewa family from Kathaluwa joined the army and were subsequently acoladed with the "Guardiya and Guardiyawasam" titles to honour the spirited accomplishment of the mission, their bravery, intelligence and trustworthyness.

The present day Gardiya Punchihewas and Gardiyawasam Punchihewas who engage in an array of activities nationally and internationally happen to be the descendents of those six warriors who fought to save Sri Lanka from enemies. With a life membership of over 500 their presence in 20 Districts of Sri Lanka fanning outfrom Kathaluwa bares testimony for their enterprising nature and now they have made their presence felt in world capitals such as New York, London and Melbourne.


The Gardiya Punchihewas from Kathaluwa are descendents of warriors and mercenaries who belonged to the Kaurava- Kshathriya clan of India.

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All the members of Gardiye Punchihewa family get together every year in our annual general meeting. There we meet each other , get to know new members and help other relatives who need help.

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Here you can download our family society song , meeting minutes , annual budget report and other important information related to Gardiye Punchihewa family society.

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